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Alysha and Jake | Daytona Beach FL Elopement Photographer


Last year Alysha asked me to photograph her & Jake’s engagement session. We had worked together several times as she’s a hair stylist so I was STOKED she wanted me out of everyone she works with to photograph them. During that shoot we actually discovered that we are indeed cousins! More on that HERE!

Her and Jake started chatting with me about going to Daytona Beach, FL to photograph their elopement and no question I was in. She kept telling me it’s so chill & relaxed, they’re going to mostly figure it out when they get there. Just an evening ceremony on the beach somewhere with their family and few friends and then dinner at a restaurant on the beach. And the day before they figured it all out. I loved it. The carefree nature of it. That they just wanted to get married, that was all that mattered.

They decided on this little spot outside their hotel between two palm trees to say I do. From a distance one might think…… Really? Right there? But as creatives we just saw the most beautiful little nook with great light. Even with it being spring break and tons of people in the area, there was just this small group together celebrating love and life. Everything worked out amazingly.

I’m so so so in love with these images. It was such a blast photographing them. I had forgotten some of the images we had taken until I imported them to my hard drive and got excited all over again! After dinner in the dark we decided to go out onto the beach and take a few photos. Try a couple things without flash, see what would happen. They pushed me to try some things I’ve never done before and I loved it. So grateful to them for pushing me out of the comfort zone to create more. I’m so excited to share all of these with you!!

These two are so rad!





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