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Brooklyn and Austin | Iceland Elopement Photographer

“Being in love is temporary madness. It erupts like volcanoes and then it subsides. Love, is what is left behind.”

These were some of the words the priest spoke to Brooklyn & Austin in this tiny little church in a lava field on the west side of Iceland. Reminding us of not just what really matters, but the courage it takes to continue on as our relationships evolved.

This somehow just happened. Brooklyn & Austin were planning this wedding with my best friend Meg to photograph it. At some point they decided to go to this magical place, turns out her father is Icelandic anyway, and invite their closest people and promise forever to each other. Simple but yet so impactful. Kept only to the basics of which really matter in their life and this love they share. They told Meg of this idea and it turns out Meg and I had already had a trip to Iceland on the agenda and somehow we coincided on working schedules and magic really happened.

This was truly the windiest experience I’ve ever had. At times on the inside we’d freak about how to make this all work, where and how to get the most epic photos in the middle of a hurricane. We’re in Iceland we have to make this the best ever. But after their vows our mentality shifted and even when we’d catch ourselves later freaking we were reminded that that wasn’t what this was about at all. We were here to preserve the love and emotion of that day. Those are really the most epic moments anyway. These two inspired us. The wind RAGED and it poured rain but because we focused on their love the images are amazing. Such an honor to have been invited to witness it.

Looking back I’m laughing at all the places we went in that afternoon in such conditions and the extra effort needed to help Meg as it often required 2 of us just to keep gear in one spot, but gosh it was so much fun. Take me back.

Here are a few of my images when I wasn’t running around holding things down or keeping them dry or rushing in and out with blankets and jackets.

Definitely check out Meg’s blog post of their images, it’s unreal!!!

I’m ready to go back to Iceland now!




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