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Ashley and Andy | Missoula MT Engagement Photographer

Ashley and Andy are total babes and amazing photographers themselves! A couple summers ago Ashley was one of my second shooters. She spent countless hours in my passenger seat listening to all of my music and my ramblings and all those hours together our relationships were topics that were often discussed. So even though I didn’t really know Andy, I’ve always felt like I know Andy.

He asked her to marry him recently and I was SO excited for them I quickly sent Ashley a text. A few texts later she told me I was on their list of photographers. I laughed. First of all, I’m just happy for you I don’t care if I’m on that list. Secondly, you’re sweet, but I know your list and a few of those amazing people are my own idols. It’s ok, I’m fine. I was surprised a few weeks later when she asked if I’d get a drink with her and Andy. I figured this would be one of those get together discuss details and then they’ll think about it. I was just excited they even asked, expecting nothing from it. But as soon as all 3 drinks hit the table we grabbed them and mid cheers Andy asked if I’d be their officiant. Thank god he was joking! I would have done it. I’m sure it’s not a strength I have but I would have done it! And the rest is history. I’m blown away. Even now, months later. Such an honor to be the one to preserve these memories for this incredible couple! I can’t wait for next fall to come, wait til you see the custom dress she’s having made! I die.

We planned this fall engagement session and ending at this beautiful little knoll in the mountains at sunset. Montana had other plans and it was more like winter but we didn’t care. Andy’s mother has this incredible property outside Missoula and we went out there and took a couple horses out for a bit. They were HILARIOUS always trying to get their little nudges in. It couldn’t have been more perfect with mountain views, black horses, her maroon dress and some snow on the ground.

We ended in the spot they’ll have their ceremony next year and before even getting out of the car I was straight up squealing. It’s AMAZING!

Ashley + Andy, first, THANK YOU! I’m so grateful for you and so appreciative. You’re perfect together. And, a dream to photograph. You two crushed it in the freezing temps with no jackets. I can’t wait for this place to light up next fall when you say I do. It’s going to be so magical! I’m so in love with your photos! Enjoy!!





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