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Brandon and Tiana | Cannon Beach OR Couples Session

Instagram is so crazy cool for connection. It quickly became my fave social media platform when it launched. Simple with just sharing images and short captions but it’s also become one of my favorite business tools. With so many users and access to my kinda people it’s been an inquiry generating machine. A while ago I saw Brandon started following my profile. Yes, I take notice of everyone following me. Honestly I was super surprised and wondered what could this amazing photographer from Toronto with over 11,000 followers find cool about me. I actually figured he’d probably unfollow me quickly thereafter. But he didn’t. And a few days later I had a message request from him asking if I’d photograph a maternity couples session with him and his girlfriend in Oregon.

Ummmm….. YES!

We chatted over details and a million locations and such. I freaking couldn’t wait, it was a small dream come true haha.

Oregon is freaking unreal and I haven’t been in so long so I of course made a full Oregon coast road trip out of this haha!   My boyfriend and I drove down to Ecola State Park just north of Cannon Beach, Oregon and met up with these two and their friends and photographed them on some bluffs, in a fern forest and down on the beach. It was absolutely perfect. FREAKING AMAZING!!! Brandon and Tianna were just blown away as this looks nothing like Toronto lol.

I’m obsessed and dying with Oregon and these two. They’re so cute together and they’ll be amazing parents to their first baby coming in October!!!! So excited for them! They kept telling me how nervous they were. Brandon as a photographer on the other side of the camera, I totally get that! I can tell people what to do and make them look amazing, but yea can’t take my own advice 😉 And Tiana said she just felt so nervous in front of the camera, which I didn’t believe cause I’d see the many photos Brandon posts of her and she’s a complete natural beauty.

So if anyone else wants to shoot in Oregon, I’ve made a massive list of locations HAHA!!! But until then check out some of Brandon and Tiana’s incredible photos!!!


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