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Haley and Jaris | Missoula MT Engagement Photographer

Every time a couple tells me their awkward I know right away this is gonna be good! Hahaha. Haley actually text me last night after I instagrammed some photos from this session about how she loved them and I had to give her shit and remind her how awkward they supposedly are 😉

This is so fun cause something is happening that I haven’t fully announced and put out there just yet BUT I’ve been building a full team. Haley + Jaris are one of the first couples to jump in on this! I have brought on a team lead photographer to help with weddings + elopements when I’m already booked or trying to work with different budgets as we’ve built different collections for her. So on their wedding day they’ll actually have my team lead photographer photographing their day but it’s so fun cause they get to correspond with us both as a team and while my lead photographs it I will still do all of the editing so it will look and feel just like my photos. These two included an engagement session and we gave them the option to book with my lead or I could photograph it and they asked if I would so they’re really getting the team experience. And it’s amazing for me to be able to connect and work with multiple couples on the same day and this time even though I’m not there on their wedding day I still got to hang with them and shoot their engagement session.

These two are hilarious! Jaris is a totally goofball and all Haley can do is smile and laugh. And that whole we’re so awkward bit went right out the window when I started having them running at each other, hipchecking, running at me, spinning around. And a few adult beverages was also pretty helpful hahaha. They just had so much fun and it totally shows. I hope you two goof off like this for the entire rest of your lives. Even as the oldest people on the planet, haha.

Super stoked on these, thank you Haley + Jaris for trekking back a mile with clothes and drinks in hand and being up for anything. You’re amazing!!!!





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