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Katie and Jack | Seattle WA Engagement Photographer

There was something about Katie + Jack from the moment they inquired. Before I even responded I knew I had to get to know these two and photograph them. HAD TO. They have so much zest and enthusiasm for life it comes out right away even in text. I immediately fell in love with them. They’re planning the most beautiful backyard wedding on Lake Washington next summer and it’s just gonna be a dream.

We met up at Saint Edward Park on Lake Washington outside Seattle, WA last week and they brought they’re freaking adorable fur baby, Mac. I want to keep him so bad. Just the cutest thing and Katie + Jack are the best puppy parents ever! We ran through the woods with their pup as gloomy clouds rolled in and the rain fell, not a care in the world. I asked them to run into an embrace, whatever felt natural. Katie instantly jumped on Jack and then without asking they decided we needed to do this again and again each time she came at him a little different. The spider monkey jump. A totally unexpected side jump. We laughed the whole time. They’re total kids at heart. Wanting to walk on every log, explore around every corner, throw up gang signs. I was enjoying it so much I just watched and photographed in awe. Literally jaw on the floor excited about these two.

At the beginning Katie asked if I’d be up for this other idea at the end. I didn’t care what it was, I was in. They asked if we’d go to this total dive bar near where Jack grew up and his dad goes to have a drink with friends for as long as he can remember. Hells yes. We went in grabbed a drink and they snuggled up in the back corner booth being total goof balls. I loved it. I want to do it again!!!

Katie + Jack, you babes! You’re amazing! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR NEXT SUMMER!!!


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