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Amy and Steve | The Barn on Mullan Wedding Photographer

I love it when brides meet up with me before they’ve totally settled on a date and haven’t booked a venue. Way to make this girl feel special you guys!! Amy and I did just that, and it’s been so fun getting texts from her through the whole planning process. The Barn on Mullan in Missoula was so perfect from them and had me excited as it’s 15 minutes from home and I’m never home during wedding season! As the day went on the smoke from our wildfires really started to fill in the valley again, no mountains to be seen. And it was sooooooo hot and muggy. And these two babes went through the day as if nothing could stop them, and nothing did!

Just before the first look I was told about Sheryl the sheep. Amy’s mom used to work for a children’s boutique and one day brought home this stuffed sheep from the shop and it’s really become part of the family. They take her along everywhere and Sheryl has her own adventures. Seeing photos of Sheryl on all their travels and activities was HILARIOUS. So this idea was set up for their first look to have Steve come around the corner expecting to see Amy but instead there would be Sheryl sitting in a chair and Amy would come behind him. Which played out just like that although Steve walked to Sheryl, even at one point turned towards Amy, looked at me for a photo with Sheryl all with Amy standing right there and him totally oblivious. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Then he finally noticed Amy there and gently put Sheryl down to say hello to his bride. One of the funnest first looks ever.

The whole day was filled with so much love. You could just feel it. In all the laughter to the way Amy’s kids clearly adore Steve. So amazing getting to photograph this special day for their family. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you two for giving me the privilege! From the mouth of Steve’s grandpa “Drink beer, live life…. And don’t go to bed mad at each other.”





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