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Katrina and Mike | Glacier National Park Elopement Photographer

Katrina & Mike are so freakin’ cool. They came to Glacier National Park to elope but really wanted to spend their day adventuring and see and experience as much of the park as they could. They seriously covered so much area that day and the photos at each place are incredible.  By the time we finished dinner together that evening we had spent 10 hours together!!! So fun and crazy! And not ordinary for an elopement, they’re usually much shorter but these two aren’t ordinary.

Somehow they managed to get ready and drive up to Many Glacier in the same car without Mike seeing what Katrina looked like!! They had their sweet ceremony on the deck of the hotel there over the lake, just the two of them and Katrina’s sister officiating. So special to have her sister there and officiate. Katrina’s sister was the one that suggested to them the idea of getting married in the national parks and then slipped in that Glacier National Park was her favorite! Ha! So it was only right that she be there. And she’s so close with both of them that the stories she shared during the ceremony made it that more special.

We then wandered the trails around Swiftcurrent lake, there is so much there you would never guess we walked only minutes between each location. Then headed up to Logan’s Pass for this awesome field, the weeping wall, and a waterfall. On our way back to the east side we stopped at multiple spots including stopping to hike a little over a mile down into St Mary’s falls. It was soooooooooo hot and these two just skipped through the woods in their suit and dress,  no problem. It was amazing!  I sat back for a bit and just watched them for a bit. So amazing on your wedding day to experience these things together. To sit there on the rocks, hand in hand, with the waterfall mist washing over you. ON YOUR WEDDING DAY!

Every wedding is one of my favorites haha. But these two really are. What a day and I’m so grateful they asked me to join them!!! CHEERS you two!





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