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Sunset Photoshoot Workshop | Missoula MT Wedding Photographer

MONTHS ago I sat in a coffee shop with a bunch of photographers just getting started and some trying to step into the wedding world talking about where they felt lost, what they were missing, what was holding them back from reaching the right clients. At some point in the conversation came up about photos and their portfolio. A full spectrum of lack their of, little confidence, unsure of their abilities to create and capture emotion, working lighting on a wedding day in a limited time frame.

The gears started shifting for me on how to create a shoot for them to show them you can do this and how to use light, whatever you’re given. So I ran to a couple of my favorite Missoula vendors asking for flowers and a dress and drumming up some magic and waiting for a time that hopefully we will get a sunset cause that’s just the cherry on top, hey?!

It’s finally come together and it’s ready for you! June 4th at 7p I’m hosting a sunset shoot workshop! Fingers crossed we get a sunset but if the clouds roll in then they roll in, we don’t have control and weddings can’t be rescheduled so I’ll show you how I work the light given to me, how to “pose” and create emotion and bonus how I can take a couple from their reception for ONLY 10 MINUTES and get an incredible set of images varying in position and light!

So excited Velvet Bride is lending us an incredible dress for the shoot. And Habitat Floral Studio is creating a magical bouquet. You’ll get the chance to shoot alongside me and take the reigns yourself and build that portfolio!!!


So excited to help you guys grow!!! 😀

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